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Starting at $75

Work one-on-one with a Tagalong Pro to conquer tougher workouts. Our Pros will help keep you motivated, make sure you hit your desired times, and hold you accountable throughout the entire session.*  

If you’ve ever wanted a trainer, coach, and teammate all in one, this option is for you!

  • Refine your form

  • Get instant feedback

  • Improve your times

  • Discuss strategy

  • Have fun with your workout


* Sessions can be in-person or virtual. 

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Starting at $200

Obtain a customized training plan from a Tagalong Pro designed specifically around your goals and schedule.  Week-to-week training plans outline exactly what to do and when to help you get the most out of your workouts.  

Plans encompass:

  • Warmups

  • Cooldowns

  • Strength training

  • Workout-specific details (splits, times, reps, etc)

  • Core and stretching


Includes one assessment call and one checkup call.

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Starting at $20

Not sure?  Start with a chat with a Tagalong representative.  Our team will quickly assess your athletic history and fitness goals in order to suggest the next best step for you. We can even help match you with the right Pro.

Topics include:

  • Injury and post-recovery training 

  • Nutrition

  • Upcoming events/races

  • Benchmarks

  • Resources/equipment

  • College recruiting (for student-athletes)




CONNECT - The Tagalong app allows amateur and professional athletes to seamlessly interact through all phases of working together.  From its private messaging feature and file exchange option to its ability to schedule appointments and process payment, the app is straightforward, safe and convenient.


IMPROVE - Being a professional athlete is not as glamorous as it seems.  It’s a life of hard work and sacrifice that requires significant time, money and effort in order to achieve.  When you book a session with a Tagalong Pro, you’re helping to further their athletic success as well as your own.  You’re not just training together, you’re improving together!


Why Everybody Loves TAGALONG!


"Tagalong provided me a unique experience to ride with Iz, a cyclist I have been following. It was so much fun to humanize an experience with her as a strong cyclist while I’m learning more about the sport. Not only did she provide many helpful tips and training. It was also so much fun to interact with her on a personal level.


I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to connect and seek coaching from a top tier athlete."

- John M.

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"Both workouts I have done with her have been great! She is easy to talk to and has given me a lot of input and feedback relative to what my goals are. Couldn’t be happier as far as that goes. Looking forward to the next workout!"

- Jason V.


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