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  • Laine's DEAR Summer Camp
    Mon, Jul 05
    Online Summer Camp
    Jul 05, 7:00 AM
    Online Summer Camp
    What’s up everyone!? My name is Laine! I’m a Professional Athlete with Tagalong, the fitness technology platform, and Hydrow, the live outdoor reality rowing machine company. Rowing and running are my passion! Join my DEAR summer camp today!


DEAR (Drop Everything And Row/Run) Summer Camp Training Plan! This 5 week program is designed to help people of all ages and fitness levels take control of their health and feel in shape!
The DEAR summer camp series will give you the energy, confidence and excitement to go about your summer plans feeling fit and strong. For one month, we’ll commit to running or rowing for approximately 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. This training plan will prepare you for your strongest 10 mins either rowing or running. This training plan will also give you the freedom and flexibility to still do all the things you not only need to do this summer, but want to do!


Starts July 5th! Perfect way to get motivated after your 4th of July weekend. The plan is 5 weeks long and will end in early August.


  • 5-week plan

  • TAGALONG T-shirt

  • DEAR sticker

  • 1 workout a week scheduled virtually with me! I will give a specific time for all of us to meet for one day a week... and save/send videos and voice recordings to those who can’t make it to the workout.

  • Lifelong value to put your health in your everyday life.

  • Friends!! We have not been able to meet very many new people because of everything that happened last year. I will create a group where we can all communicate - we all want to know the fun things you’re doing this summer (always optional!)