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Your 8-week training plan to prepare for HOCR event. Plan is designed by Nick Karwoski & Laine Maher.

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About the event

TAGALONG is partnering with the Hydrow Advanced Group to bring you the best Hydrow-based preparation for HOCR race day. We will be offering an 8-week training plan that will provide workouts per week in a professional manner to bring the best out of your training and without having to choose any workout. Save time and put all that energy towards your workout!

This plan will be designed by Laine Maher and Nick Karwoski. They will choose your workouts and will be available for 1:1 sessions through the TAGALONG app (contact us if you don’t have an iOS device and are interested in these sessions)....Did we mention the James Dietz will be available for 1:1’s too?! Grab your training buddies and work together toward the most famous head race in the world: the Head of the Charles Regatta.

Nick and Laine will provide you an 8-week plan which includes 6 workouts per week from the Hydrow library.

These workouts include: combination of Hydrow workouts (OTM + OTW), circuit exercises and core.

To support the Hydrow Advanced Group Athletes, TAGALONG will be providing TWO Pro Athletes Sessions to discuss Nutrition and Mental performance during week 4 and week 7 of the plan, respectively.

If you purchase the plan, a 15% discount will be applied to any 1:1 session with Laine, Nick or James during the plan period.

Every Sunday, you will receive an email for that weel's training plan.

The standard price for a 4-week training plan by TAGALONG is $200 but for this event only, we are offering an 8-week special. The more people who join, the more affordable the plan is!

10 athletes - $199

11-25 athletes - $179

26-50 athletes - $159

>50 athletes - $149

Pre-register before Wednesday August 25th, 2021

Once all member are reistered, we will send you an invoice depending on the numbers of registered Athletes!

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