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The Best 20-Minute Full-Body Rowing Machine Workout for Beginners

If your experience with a rowing machine is limited to skirting around one on your way to the treadmill or elliptical, you may want to reconsider the detour and give the rower a chance. It combines a low-impact, heart-pumping cardio workout with full-body strength.
Not only is it fairly easy to pick up the basics, it also activates muscles from head to toe —- at least 65-percent lower-body work and up to 35-percent upper-body work, according to the American Fitness Professionals Association.


3 Ways to Stay Fit and Motivated Through the Holidays

TAGALONG With A Pro is helping people stay active this December and start 2022 on a
healthy note. Although regular physical activity is proven to reduce stress and improve
overall health, most people struggle to maintain a consistent exercise routine during the
holiday season which negatively impacts their well being.  TAGALONG offers
personalized workouts for people of all ages and fitness levels, designed around their
busy schedules, to help them be healthy, have fun and stay in shape during the hectic
holiday season.

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TAGALONG App Connects Young Athletes to Train with Olympians

New Platform Improves NCAA Recruiting by Providing Unique Access to World-Class Athletes


In a highly competitive college-admissions market, student-athletes have unique access to find, hire and train with some of USA's top Pro Athletes, including 2021 Tokyo Olympians, through the Tagalong With A Pro App.


Press Release - Boston-Based Professional Rower and Tagalong Pro Athlete Develops Virtual Training Camp

Celebrating Massachusetts' reopening plan, Boston-based professional rower Laine Maher launches a virtual summer training camp to help Americans tackle escalating fitness challenges due to the pandemic. Laine's 5-week training program, called DEAR (Drop Everything And Row/Run) was designed in response to direct requests for guidance on regaining motivation, losing COVID-19 weight gain and successfully working exercise into weekly routines. DEAR begins July 5th and is available at for $150. 

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Press Release - Tagalong Launches New iOS App For Access To World-Class Training

Tagalong has announced the launch of its new app that makes it easier than ever for people to train with professional athletes for a personalized workout experience. The iOS app is now available in the Apple App Store. 

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TAGALONG FOUNDERS: Nick Karwoski & Scott Del Vecchio 

Great discussion with the founders of Tagalong, Nick Karwoski & Scott Del Vecchio as we touch on the amazing work they are doing with this exciting new service for athletes looking to take their performance to new heights. Two former world-class competitors in their respective sports of Triathlon & Rowing have now channeled their competitive fire into servicing other athletes to compete at their optimal levels too. Get your self fired up to tackle your career with some unique insight from the guys.



“Good, better, best. Never let it rest ‘til your good is better and your better is best.” It’s a saying that so many athletes can identify with and the very words that former Elite Triathlete and Professional Rower Nick Karwoski built his sporting success and fitness business upon. “Every runner, cyclist or swimmer I’ve met —  from amateur to professional — they’re all constantly trying to find ways to improve,” Karwoski states. “When you put three sports together, it becomes a whole new game because you have to replicate that process in three different ways, every day.”


Nick Karwoski- From the Open Waters to Open-Heart Surgery

Nick Karwoski is a man of many talents. A former USA National Triathlete, the CEO of TAGALONG- a fitness app that connects athletes to improve together and an Athlete and Operations Lead for the Live Outdoor Rowing Company Hydrow, Karwoski has achieved many athletic and entrepreneurial successes. However, a car accident in October 2016 temporarily changed the ‘pace’ of Karwoski’s life. He discovered a dangerous heart condition that could be fatal if untreated. February marks Heart Health Awareness Month and today Karwoski shares his story to highlight the importance of active living for cardiovascular health.


Christine Cavallo: Beyond the Water

It’s all about the journey for Christine Cavallo. A 2021 Olympic hopeful, Cavallo has dedicated the last nine years of her life to rowing. However, her road to Tokyo started much before she fell in love with the sport. A well-rounded individual, Cavallo’s passion and commitment to both academic and athletic excellence led her to find her true passion in rowing. And as they say — the rest is history.

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Tagalong & Connecting with Olympic athletes.

Nick Karwoski is a former national team triathlete having an over-18 international triathlons. He was Top 10 ranked US Professional Triathlete competing and training around the world. He has also worked for various startup companies in fitness and other production companies. Currently, he is the Founder of an athlete-focused app called TagALong which is a platform that locates Professional Athletes around the world and makes them available to you. Their mission is to connect people interested in training with Athletes, current or former, at home or while traveling


Changing At-Home Workouts Forever

The interactive at-home fitness world has been rapidly evolving over the past few years in an incredibly exciting way. Strava led the industry by getting runners and cyclists to record their workouts and share them online within the athletic community. Peloton then revolutionized indoor cycling with a bike that not only made spinning at-home more engaging but also access to more users than ever...


How Athlete Nick Karwoski Optimizes His Mind & Body For Peak Performance

I learned that being the most fit athlete doesn’t always win the race. You have to be smart. You have to be prepared. You have to mitigate risk at all costs. Competing at the highest level out there doesn’t mean you deserve to be there. You’re only as good as your last performance. And how you respond to challenges will ultimately define who you are.

Hey James, can we meet up for a few ocea

Recovery is my sport — Kate Rye

I remember the accident — vividly. From the sound of the truck slamming into my defenseless body to the thoughts racing through my head as I lay motionless on the sun-scorched pavement, I remember every single detail.


Running The Distance Scholarship Fundraiser

Running the Distance Scholarships are for students with dyslexia or other related learning differences. This panel discusses the fusion of endurance sports and dyslexia featuring pro cyclist James Hibbard and TAGALONG Director of Media Scott Del Vecchio.

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Myriam Glez chats with Nick Karwoski from Tagalong

Athletes Soul founder and two-time Olympian Myriam Glez chats with Tagalong and former professional triathlete Nick Karwoski. This is a follow up interview to an educational webinar hosted by Athletes Soul on May 12 about "Alternative Sources of Revenue for Athletes".

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