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To be the best, train with the best!

Students -  this is your chance to get ahead of your competition! You’ve been working hard at your sport for years.  You may even be the best at your school or club sport.  But how do you compare nationally?  Internationally?  When it comes to college recruitment, do you have what it takes to be considered by Division 1 and Ivy League schools?  Perhaps you even have dreams of competing in the Olympics someday.  Tagalong Pros can give you the edge that you need to stand out among your peers and rise to be the best!

Parents - you’ve given your child every opportunity to advance in their sport.  You’ve spent countless hours on the sidelines, not to mention on the road to practices and competitions.  Your goal is to see your child excel.  If they’re looking to achieve varsity status or compete on the college level, Tagalong Pros can help them develop their skills, mindset and knowledge to increase their chances of success.

TAGALONG Pros For Student-Athletes


  • Meghan Musnicki - Ithica College - 3x Olympian

  • Alex Karwoski - Cornell University - 2x Olympian

  • Kara Kohler - Cal Berkeley - 2x Olympian

  • Christine Cavallo - Stanford - 6x National Team Member


  • Greg Billington - Vanderbilt University - 2x Olympian/Paralympian

  • Lanni Marchant - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga - 1x Olympian

  • Sean Jefferson - Indiana University - Pro Runner & Triathlete

  • Michelle Howell - Jacksonville University - Pro Runner

Ways to Connect with A Pro

  • One-on-one Personalized Workout Sessions (in person or virtual) - advance your training to develop and refine your technique (60 minute sessions) - $75-120/hour

  • Monthly Training Plans - work in conjunction with your school/club training or keep ahead of your teammates off-season with a personalized training plan from a Pro who knows you, your goals and can customize your workouts to meet your specific needs

  • Set a new PR

  • Establish a regular routine to build strength, endurance and skills Identify and compensate for weak spots/gaps in your school/club training

  • Work toward a specific training goal

  • Reintroduce workouts post-injury

  • Consultation Calls - Speak with a Pro to discover how you can get ahead.  Discuss where you are in your athletic journey and where you hope to go.  Obtain help navigating the college recruitment process.  Our pros have attended and coached at some of the finest institutions.  They’ve competed around the world against the fiercest competitors and trained with notable coaches.  Tap their knowledge to find out how you can achieve your sporting and recruiting goals.  30, 45 and 60 minute calls available - starting at $40/30 minutes.

  • Dietary/Nutritional Advice - What you put in your body is equally important as how you train. If you’re not getting the right nutrients, you’re not going to see results.  Work with a licensed dietician who understands how to fuel your body for optimal performance. 

  • Custom Combination Packages* - Utilize all that Tagalong’s Pros have to offer by combining services for maximum results.  Popular combination packages include:

  • Monthly training plan + 1 Personalized session (in-person or virtual) + Nutritional Plan - Most Popular

  • Monthly Training Plan + Consultation Call + Nutritional Plan

  • Weekly Personalized training sessions (in-person or virtual) + Nutritional Plan
    *Pricing dependent upon combination & Pro selected.  Special discounts apply.

Let’s Work Together

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